Tube drilling machines

The original

Machine systems for the modern metal working as well for the industry.
Drilling, tap forming, punching, bending, grinding of tubes, profiles, bars and straightening works.

Efficiency by short production time
(for example a total of up to 12 straight drill­ings
in about 1 min)
Size accuracy by exactly opposite
drilling heads –
No complicated setup’s
Length-stop-system for fast
and easy adjustment
Free rotatable tube holder
for easy pivoting
Versatility due to continuous separate handle
of revolution and feed of each engine
Continuous adjustment of the drilling angle
up to 150°
Flow drilling and thread forming up to M10
Drilling up to a diameter of 43 mm
Tool holder for SK40 tube clamp

RBV12 series – also for woodworking

Do you often work with wood or do you want to combine this natural material with metal (e.g. in railing)? Then our tube drilling machines are also suitable. With one of these machines you will have new opportunities to offer your customers the right mix of materials or to work more easier, precise and efficient.

RBV-Serie - auch zur Holzverarbeitung